Welcome to OfficeTechHub

We’re pleased to announce that OfficeTechHub, Fortis and Andrews Computing have merged under the OfficeTechHub name.

With even more expertise and experience, we offer a wide range of smart and simple IT solutions that allow your business to thrive.

Smart IT for smart people. It’s how tech should work.

Cloud Platform Solutions

Demystify the cloud and make it work for you. Store your data safely and securely, allowing your business to thrive.

Cyber Security

Nearly 70% of large businesses have experienced a cyber security breach. Your business is important. Protect it.

Disaster Recovery & Back Up

Make a disaster less disastrous. Give yourself peace of mind that your IT infrastructure is safe, even in the worst-case scenario.

IT Support

Get the IT support that’s right for you and your business, not ours. That’s how it should be, after all.

Remote Working

Bring your team together no matter how far apart they are, with smart IT solutions.


Take your phone systems to the next level and give your staff access on any device. Bye bye missed calls and voicemails.

Our customers say…

“As long as it does not rain (pardon the pun!) we have complete peace of mind that everything is secure. The OfficeTechHub team are a fantastic company to work with and are always reliable”
Caviar Hour & Prunier
“The migration was extremely well handled, and the set up was done professionally and in a timely manner. I don’t have to think about it anymore, as I have the peace of mind the system is under control.

The responsiveness of the OfficeTechHub team has been second to none; approachable, professional and real world practical as opposed to a heavy technological approach”
“Running our business efficiently, effectively and dealing with our customers professionally & efficiently is, like all other business’s our main goal. Once an IT system is effectively running IT concerns are almost forgotten about, until things go wrong. And then EVERYTHING falls apart.

So, underpinning every successful business needs to be a robust tailor-made IT system, backed up with fast and effective service support and this is what OfficeTechHub provide.”
“When we work with OfficeTechHub, we feel we are served not processed which is a great skill in the IT world. We feel they are intuitive rather than reactive. It’s great. It’s not faceless there are real human beings to help us when issues arise. We get the best of both worlds, a sophisticated IT system with a contactable human.”
Edge Equipment Hire
“We have been working with the OfficeTechHub team for 20 years, and so when we approached them with this issue I knew they would be on hand with a solution. The QNAP system is much more straight-forward than our previous server infrastructure, and a lot of the stress we felt with regards to data management has been eased. The remote accessibility of data has also transformed our work on the road as we do not need to be by our laptops to retrieve information”
HO2 Brighton
“The cloud-based data solution offers an accessibility to our database in one central location, which is exactly what we wanted and that out of the box solutions just don’t do. The expertise and advice you gave us was in setting this up was excellent!”
R & D Marine