Managed IT Security to keep businesses protected

What would happen if your IT systems were attacked? When people can’t work due to lost data and intercepted communications, the pressure mounts and business confidence falls. An effective cyber security plan uses a combination of preventative security measures to stop an attack in its tracks and reactive recovery solutions to get you back up and running ASAP. At OfficeTechHub, we offer a range of multi-layered security systems, covering everything from secure remote working to cloud platforms and disaster recovery. Whatever risks your business faces, we’re here to help you find the right solution.


Straight talking IT security advice

When it comes to IT security, we believe in keeping it simple. It can be easy to get caught up in the nitty gritty detail, but what’s more important is understanding the risks and finding a solution.

We don’t bore you with jargon, we simply start by learning about your business and the associated security risks. We then use this information to shape the tech around your business, talking to you like an actual person while we do it.

That way, you get an IT security solution that not only protects the business from cyberattacks but one you actually understand too.

That’s how tech should work.

Why Choose OfficeTechHub?

Experienced IT security providers

We’ve worked with lots of businesses in a wide range of sectors to help them improve their overall IT security and protect important information from falling into the wrong hands.

Effective support when you need it

Running into technical issues is a given, but that doesn’t mean it should completely stop production. Our customer service team is always here to get your issues sorted right away.

Fully integrated security features

Tech should be smart, and that includes having security engrained at every step. We work with you to create an IT solution with security as standard for fully protected systems.

About IT Security from OfficeTechHub


Remote working

With your team working from lots of different locations, it’s crucial to make sure their communications are secure to prevent hackers from intercepting messages and gaining access to your data.


Cloud Security

Cloud solutions are great for backing up your data but how secure are they? Our cloud solutions are complete with advanced security measures to make sure only your team can access the data.


Disaster Recovery

If you are hit by a cyberattack, you need to have a back-up plan. Our disaster recovery solutions ensure your data is recoverable to keep downtime to a minimum should the worst happen.


Multi-Layered Protection

We build IT infrastructure with multiple layers of security measures integrated as standard. That way, you are protected from all angles for complete peace of mind.

Featured Case Study

My Next Find Backing up important data for an online retailer

Online retailer, My Next Find were worried that data wasn’t protected using their existing systems. They approached OfficeTechHub to help them improve their IT systems for greater peace of mind.

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