Case Study

Making moves with HO2 Brighton

After choosing to make the move out of their offices in London & Hemel Hempstead to merge with their office in Brighton, HO2 took the opportunity to assess the management of data storage across the business. HO2 liaised with the OfficeTechHub team to integrate a new solution to futureproof their evolving infrastructure.

The Problem

When HO2 made the decision to consolidate their offices from three locations to their new office in Brighton, it was recognised that work was required to make their data more accessible as their main server was based in the soon-to-close Hemel Hempstead office. It was vital that this move did not disrupt day-to-day business, and a smart and simple solution could be put in place to retain continuity.


Solving It

Ho2 approached the OfficeTechHub team to assist with the transition, and we worked closely with their management team to design a solution with the least disruption, and with a focus on greater accessibility.

We introduced the QNAP storage system, which allows for the storage, management and synchronisation of files with remote accessibility from smartphones and tablets. This system also offers a robust disaster recovery programme, crucial for that reassurance that your IT will be there when you need it most.

The Outcome

With their data now backed up in a secure server like QNAP, HO2 now have the peace of mind that their data is secure, supported and easily accessible irrespective of locality. This seamless integration has shaped to their business requirements to make their jobs easier.

“We have been working with the OfficeTechHub team for 20 years, and so when we approached them with this issue I knew they would be on hand with a solution. The QNAP system is much more straight-forward than our previous server infrastructure, and a lot of the stress we felt with regards to data management has been eased. The remote accessibility of data has also transformed our work on the road as we do not need to be by our laptops to retrieve information”
HO2 Brighton

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