Disaster Recovery Solutions You Can Rely On

Disaster can happen to any business. But being prepared can make all the difference. One incident could lead to mass data loss and exposure of personal information, causing unnecessary downtime and putting the trust of your customers and your reputation at risk. Are you willing to take the chance? Whether you’re hit by a natural disaster, hardware failure, data breach, or ransomware attack, you need to recover your data quickly and painlessly. OfficeTechHub provide disaster recovery solutions that help you do just that, minimising unplanned downtime from impacting your business and reputation.


Disaster Recovery Solutions Designed for You

All OfficeTechHub disaster recovery strategies rely on a comprehensive backup and recovery solution.

OfficeTechHub’s disaster recovery solutions protect a wide range of systems, applications and storage devices, in physical and virtual environments, located in the data centre, remote offices and in the cloud.

We offer data loss protection services that recover data, applications, and virtual machines from any platform, with versatile recovery solutions that protect from all kinds of threats. And because we’re all about making IT smart and simple, our data loss preventative system offers fast recovery through a single, scalable solution.

Why Choose OfficeTechHub?


Recover data, applications and virtual machines from any platform.


Protect data against all kinds of threats.


Fast recovery through a single, scalable solution

Disaster Recovery Solutions from OfficeTechHub


Cloud Backup

Leverage the cloud for disaster recovery to reduce IT costs and gain flexibility. Plus, gain near-instant recovery after a system failure or data centre outage.


Response and Recovery

All OfficeTechHub disaster recovery strategies rely on a comprehensive response and recovery solution, offering backup services to protect a wide range of systems.



Being able to recover from a cyberattack is one thing, but stopping threats requires proactive security solutions too. OfficeTechHub work with you to implement multiple layers of IT security for peace of mind.

Featured Case Study

My Next Find Backing up important data for an online retailer

Online retailer, My Next Find were worried that data wasn’t protected using their existing systems. They approached OfficeTechHub to help them improve their IT systems for greater peace of mind.

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