Data Encryption Services to Put Your Data in Safe Hands

Can you afford to be without endpoint encryption? Protecting your sensitive data has never been more important. Government cyber threat intelligence shows almost half of all businesses have had cyber security breaches, so it’s vitally important you have the right encryption software in place to prevent it from happening to you. OfficeTechHub can help protect your business, clients, colleagues, and computers with a range of data encryption services. Our expert team are always on hand to provide the right encryption tools to keep your data secure and GDPR compliant. You can wave goodbye to data breaches, and welcome peace of mind.


Shaping Data Encryption Services to Suit Your Business

OfficeTechHub’s data protection services ensure all your computers are protected, all the time. We offer a huge suite of data protective operating systems that maximise your company’s IT security, including intrusion prevention, proactive detection, and detailed analysis to accurately determine your threat level.

Because we’re all about giving you control, everything we do is based on your needs. We learn about what’s important to you and shape encryption software to fit into your business and provide total security. Giving you the tools to keep your data secure, protect sensitive data from being leaked, and keep individual files and folders safe from prying eyes.

Why Choose OfficeTechHub?

Secure Data Encryption

Shared encryption keys guarantee your security and compliance regardless of the number of users.

Fully Accredited IT Service Provider

We’re trusted by some of the biggest names in IT to provide smart, simple IT solutions that are right for your business and your budget.

We’re always here when you need us

Problems are inevitable, but there’s always a solution. Our support technicians are at hand all day, every day to offer their expertise.

About OfficeTechHub’s Data Encryption Services


GDPR Compliance

Data encryption is a legal requirement of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). It’s a forcefield around your files, protecting the most important information your business holds.


Increase Productivity

OfficeTechHub guarantee no additional resource is needed from your team. There’s no user training, no additional overheads, just full transparency for users – we’ve got your back.


Safe and Secure

By choosing OfficeTechHub’s data encryption services you can be sure your data, PCs, and network are secure.


Improved Visibility

We provide detailed monthly reporting to give you visibility of potential threats and assurances of your protection.


Remote Protection

Remote working is growing, and security risks have never been higher. OfficeTechHub’s endpoint encryption gives the ability to disable or lock a lost or stolen device, for ultimate peace of mind.


Wide Range of Encryption Types

OfficeTechHub offer a range of encryption types to keep you protected against intrusion. We can help you to encrypt everything you need to make your data unreadable.

BSIF Cloud Protection for Safety Trade Body BSIF

BSIF is the UK’s leading trade body within the safety industry. With a concern on cyber security in such a highly-regulated industry, BSIF approached the OfficeTechHub team for a secure data solution.

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