Case Study

Increasing data storage for Edge Equipment Hire

Edge Equipment Hire’s physical server was struggling to keep up with demand as the business grew, causing problems for the team. They needed a solution that massively increased capacity and futureproofed the business.

The Problem

Back in 2015, Edge Equipment Hire were using a physical server to store all their data. However, they found the server couldn’t handle the amount of data required to allow the business to grow, so they needed a solution with big capacity and that could be accessed by all their branches.


Solving It

To ensure their data could be accessed by everyone in the business, we suggested migrating to the cloud for their data storage. This would allow Edge Equipment Hire to store as much data as they needed that could be accessed from anywhere by the team.

The Outcome

The move to the cloud has allowed Edge Equipment Hire to scale capacity as the business grows, with the added benefit of increased security and safeness of off-site data storage. This proved especially useful when they moved offices at the start of 2020, as taking the data with them was smooth and painless.

The team can now quickly access data across the branches, and if the worst should happen and they lose any data, they are protected by regular back-ups and disaster recovery.

“When we work with OfficeTechHub, we feel we are served not processed which is a great skill in the IT world. We feel they are intuitive rather than reactive. It’s great. It’s not faceless there are real human beings to help us when issues arise. We get the best of both worlds, a sophisticated IT system with a contactable human.”
Edge Equipment Hire

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