Case Study

Helping Bakers Instrument Brokers Ltd move to the cloud

Bakers Instrument Brokers Ltd (BIB) sell and distribute Ophthalmic Instruments across the UK, helping their customers find the right equipment for their needs.

The Problem

A few years ago, BIB was hit with a cyberattack, leaving their main server useless. Luckily, they had backups of the affected data, but the attack opened their eyes to the amount of data that was left vulnerable and could be lost.

The experience led to BIB seeking a solution to protect all their data from future attacks in case they weren’t so lucky next time…


Solving It

OfficeTechHub helped BIB make the move to cloud-based IT systems, giving them greater peace of mind in their security and protecting data from future attacks.

At first, the migration to the cloud was daunting but with the help of the OfficeTechHub team, we were able to seamlessly move all their data simply and efficiently.

The Outcome

Moving all their data onto a cloud platform has not only improved security for the business but has also helped day to day operations run more smoothly, saving time, money and future stress.

Cloud-based working also proved useful during the move to remote working through the COVID-19 pandemic. As all data was already remotely accessible, staff could easily access the data they needed while working from home.

“Running our business efficiently, effectively and dealing with our customers professionally & efficiently is, like all other business’s our main goal. Once an IT system is effectively running IT concerns are almost forgotten about, until things go wrong. And then EVERYTHING falls apart.

So, underpinning every successful business needs to be a robust tailor-made IT system, backed up with fast and effective service support and this is what OfficeTechHub provide.”
Bakers Instrument Brokers Ltd (BIB)

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