Case Study

Backing up important data for an online retailer

Online retailer, My Next Find were worried that data wasn’t protected using their existing systems. They approached OfficeTechHub to help them improve their IT systems for greater peace of mind.


The Problem

My Next Find were worried about the security of their existing server and were concerned about storing data locally with no back-ups. Should they have a problem with their server, huge amounts of data would be lost with no way to recover the information, massively affecting their operations.

Solving It

We recommended a cloud-based server with automated back-ups to ensure if something did go wrong, there would always be an up-to-date version of data to prevent downtime.


The Outcome

The move to the cloud now means all the data is regularly backed up, secure and available remotely, which proved useful during the COVID-19 pandemic. The new solution removed the risk of damage or theft to local hardware impacting business operations.

We also offer 24-hour IT support to My Next Find, ensuring they have access to a team of experienced technicians no matter when they need it.

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