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Crush print costs, wipe out paper waste

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Your print doesn’t have to be a headache. Spiralling costs, unused toner, unwanted print outs; we can eliminate them all for you – affordably and quickly – with printer control software. Best of all, we’ll sort it without using confusing techno-babble. It’s what makes us different from your average IT company.

Even if you’re tied in to a print contract, we’ll show you how to get the best out of your current machines.

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An end to your printing woes

Print Control Software

Printer control software directs print to the most effective devices, cancel unwanted print-outs, and manages print traffic to stop duplicates. It also shows how much each individual device is costing and how much departments and individuals are spending on print.

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Printer control software is like a wise man sitting on a rock. He knows how to work your printers to save you money.

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Programmed, installed, maintained

We never just walk away

We’ll programme and install the perfect print control software to fit your size and type of business. And we’ll stay on hand, however long you need us, to show you how to use the software and answer your questions. We’ll even train your staff on how to use it if you want us to.

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We’re saving around £12k a year thanks to OfficeTechHub.

They are more than IT providers, they are our business partners.

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You’ve helped us grow into one of the most efficient companies in our sector.

Without a doubt, OfficeTechHub has helped grow Lightning Packaging’s success, year on year.

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OfficeTechHub are our virtual IT department

and we couldn’t be happier with the service they provide.

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