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Instant IT support for small businesses

We’ll get the problem fixed fast

Pc running slow? Server crashed? Network saying ‘no’? Leave it to us and we’ll fix the problem, fast, whether it’s a large issue or small glitch. What’s more, we’ll do it either on-site in your office or remotely through your PC – whatever gets you up and running faster. Plus, if you want us to, we can even monitor your IT 24/7/365 – to spot future problems before they happen.

Wi-fi problems, virus attacks, network failure, hardware trouble-shooting – we’re ready to help!

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IT support

IT support: on-going or one-off

We flex with what your business needs

If you want to pay-and-go that’s fine. We’ll charge a simple competitive fee for our time and any materials used. Alternatively, if you want long-term IT support, to compliment your IT department or help during periods of absence, our monthly cost is fixed at an affordable price. We call it permanent peace of mind that’s built around your business and budget.

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IT support

Not sure what IT support you need? We can assess your business and give you a totally bespoke solution.

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Priceless IT insights

To stop the issue from coming back

As well as getting your IT up and running again as soon as possible, our highly-qualified engineers will explain what the problem is, without technobabble. Better still, they’ll give you no-fail recommendations that you can follow right away to help stop the same IT issue from coming back. It’s priceless support and advice that makes us a cut above other small business IT companies.

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We’re saving around £12k a year thanks to OfficeTechHub.

They are more than IT providers, they are our business partners.

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You’ve helped us grow into one of the most efficient companies in our sector.

Without a doubt, OfficeTechHub has helped grow Lightning Packaging’s success, year on year.

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OfficeTechHub are our virtual IT department

and we couldn’t be happier with the service they provide.

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