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Muddled by makes and models? Flummoxed by bytes and bites? It’s not surprising. We’ll show you what IT equipment is best for your business and which isn’t. PCs, laptops, printers, projectors, licences – we take the technical out of the tech, leaving you with straight-forward options that make perfect business sense.

Tell us what you want your IT kit to do and we’ll find you the right solution. No jargon, no hassle.

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IT Kit

The best IT deals for your budget

Not ours

We are not here to just sell you stuff. We want to help save your business time and money. So we’ll pick through the IT options available, so you don’t have to. And because we’ve strong relationships with major hardware and software suppliers, we know where to find you the best deals.

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IT kit

Our recommendation will be based on 100% what’s right for your business, not ours

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We’ll get your IT up and running

And won’t just walk away

Whatever IT equipment you get, we’ll set it up so you can just plug in and switch it on. Plus, we’ll stay on hand, however long you need us, to show you how to use your new kit and answer your questions. We’ll even train your staff if you want us to.

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We’re saving around £12k a year thanks to OfficeTechHub.

They are more than IT providers, they are our business partners.

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You’ve helped us grow into one of the most efficient companies in our sector.

Without a doubt, OfficeTechHub has helped grow Lightning Packaging’s success, year on year.

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OfficeTechHub are our virtual IT department

and we couldn’t be happier with the service they provide.

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