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De-clouding the Cloud

What is it, where is it, why use it?

There are many advantages to using the Cloud as a small business: you don’t have to make room for another server in your building, you don’t have to maintain the hardware, or concern yourself with the security, and you can increase and decrease the amount of ‘cloud’ space you need.

You simply pay for the ‘slice’ of the server that your business needs – usually as a small monthly payment.

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How your business can use the Cloud

Cloud Data back up

Backing up your data automatically via the Cloud could be a smart move. It means you’ve got all your essential documents and files securely stored off-site, so should something happen in your office, your data will remain safe. Talk to us today about ensuring you choose the right cloud-based data back-up.

Cloud File storage

Instead of investing in another server, you can use the cloud as a ‘virtual’ server or you could use the cloud alongside a server as a combination storage solution. The Cloud can be used to run software as well as storing large files and freeing up space on your local network. Talk to us today about which cloud-based server would suit your business best.

Cloud Email

Using the cloud for email means you don’t need to set up and run an email server in your business. It also brings ease of access for staff working remotely as well as cost benefits. Talk to us today about getting the right cloud-based email for your business today.

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We trust in Microsoft Azure for our Cloud-based solutions – quite simply because it’s the best for SMEs.

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Considering the Cloud for business?

Questions you need answers to

It’s not as simple as choosing a Cloud package for your business. You need to know if the package will work with your current business infrastructure. We can help. If you don’t know the answer to these questions, we’ll do a free Cloud evaluation to get answers and then match you with the right solution.

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